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Hot Penny Stocks To Watch Tomorrow

Here are some hot penny stocks to watch tomorrow. All have significant momentum.

WLDVF: This is a mining stock, caught fire today as it broke through resistance.
alerted this stock in the afternoon.

penny stock chart

GLUU: Timothy Sykes alerted this late in the day to his list.  Supposedly there is an analyst who
thinks this stock is going to $7. They make iphone/ipad apps so this stock could get very hot.

gluu penny stock chart

GWAY: Not so hot today but stands a good chance of a bounce tomorrow. Highly volatile stock that will likely be at 10 cents or
$10 soon. A great stock to trade if you can watch it closely...not a buy and wait a while type penny stock by any stretch.

gway stock chart

All 3 of these hot penny stocks to watch should present good trading opportunities throughout the day tomorrow.