Microcap Millionaires Member Update [Example]

Ever wonder what exactly paid subscribers of my newsletter get (subscribe here)? Here’s an example member update from March 11, 2013: MM’ers, That sure was a nice weekend trade (bought Friday/sold Monday) onPAMT. If you choose to hold that’s up to you, but when you have gains that quickly… Why not ring the register? PAMT up 15% so far today,¬†andRead More »

Interest in Stocks At All Time Low? What The Bleep For?

What is wrong with people? The market is at or near all time highs (at least as I write this, it is)…yet we see the ratings for CNBC at all time lows. Common sense rarely betrays me, and it tells me that if people in general were excited about the stock market they’d be tuning in to CNBC more duringRead More »

Tech Stock That May Move Big Before 2014 Hits

*Stretch out for 4-6 seconds while the video loads… Note: This tech stock is pulling back with the overall market today (buying opportunity in my opinion!), it will likely be alerted tomorrow or early next week. I expect up to a 50% to 100% move on this stock in the coming weeks due to: Low-ball analyst expectations for earnings (althoughRead More »

A Case Study Of Stock That Moved Over 1,000% In 6 Weeks

ATRN one thousand percent gainer

Let’s turn back the clock…and look at one specific micro cap stock: ATRN Sure it ended up as a total loss for people who held too long. Sure, some folks didn’t “get it” that this was just a trade…and not an investment. Aside from that, this stock was truly a life changer for some people. Specifically, to the tune ofRead More »