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Microcap Millionaires Member Update [Example]

Ever wonder what exactly paid subscribers of my newsletter get (subscribe here)? Here’s an example
member update from March 11, 2013:
That sure was a nice weekend trade (bought Friday/sold Monday) onPAMT.
If you choose to hold that’s up to you, but when you have gains that quickly…
Why not ring the register?
PAMT up 15% so far today, and this is a liquid stock, not a pink sheet stock
with a huge spread…definitely the type of stock to put a decent chunk of change
into for a nice short term gain.
This is how you need to manage your trading….use a bigger portion of capital
on the more liquid stocks and aim for a smaller % gain, and use a small portion of capital on the less liquid stocks and aim for a higher % gain.
Make sense?
CGEN is also up, not quite to 6 per share yet….but almost.
Look to sell this one today or tomorrow whether or not it hits 6, still
a nice little gainer from the 5.30 range alert.
Also remember to keep MGT on watch and the shipper stocks like
DRYS may get some juice soon.
Stay tuned for more updates/alerts this week.
Disclaimer: This is not a solicitation to buy/sell securities or equities. Never invest money in microcap stocks/options that you can’t afford to lose.
You can lose all of your capital by trading any stock/option mentioned.
These stocks /options are very volatile and gain and lose value quickly.
We reserve the right to freely trade in any mentioned stock/equity/options. We are not compensated by any mentioned companies.We recommend stocks/options based on our opinion of intrinsic/possible future value only.
We are not registered investment advisors, so always do you own research before buying any recommended stock/options.

Interest in Stocks At All Time Low? What The Bleep For?

What is wrong with people? The market is at or near all time highs (at least as I write this, it is)…yet we see the ratings for CNBC at all time lows. Common sense rarely betrays me, and it tells me that if people in general were excited about the stock market they’d be tuning in to CNBC more during the day…if only for 30 minutes or so to catch what Jimmy Cramer has to say.

I could make this into a long diatribe of a combination of many different things…

And I just might. But I’ll try to keep this under five hundred words, in the interest of brevity. I’ll make a list of what I believe the factors are. Sound good?

1. Quantitative Easing, a.k.a. “QE”. This is the process of the Federal Reserve (led by Ben Bernanke until recently) providing liquidity to our financial markets. When you hear people saying that the market is being “propped up” by the Fed, this is what they mean. It’s also referred to as “money printing”…and…it kinda is, I suppose. It’s much more nuanced, but yeah there is no denying that QE increases the money supply. This has led to a big move up in gold and silver prices…that is until this year (2013). Bottom line is that quantitative easing has led people to believe the market is being “propped up” by the Fed…and that if/when the Fed steps out of the picture…and ends QE altogether, the market will crashola. I think this ties into something else that a lot of Americans believe…which will be number 2 below.

2. Deep political divides amongst the population of America. This isn’t really a new phenomena…heck, in the 1800′s the folks in Congress used to come to fisticuffs when they disagreed sharply. The key point here, in my mind, is that people that vote Republican and are pro business, low tax, liberty loving folk are disenfranchised by anything that gives credit to our current administration…including higher stock market quotes. I could be wrong here? But I know that most of the people who are interested in stocks are not democrats…at least from my research before the last Presidential election here.

3. Selling stocks for huge losses just before the market rebounded in 2009. I can’t imagine anything quite as discouraging, from a monetary standpoint, anyways. The thought of riding up bank stocks for huge gains all the way up til 2007, only to see them get power-slammed in late 2008…and seeing some even go bankrupt (i.e. Lehman, Wachovia) is most definitely enough to make some people throw in the towel. Insult to injury is watching everything (stocks) fly upwards after that turbulent time, almost non stop since spring of 2009. Surely those events were akin to a “knock-out punch” for many folks who placed their hopes of a cushy retirement in Mr. Market, sadly.

What do you think? Go ahead and leave a non-spammy comment below. :-)

Note: Regardless of the above factors, which you may or may not subscribe to, I’ve been seeing and alerting many micro cap stocks that have had big moves, the next one I believe will move big this fall/winter is this one.

Tech Stock That May Move Big Before 2014 Hits

*Stretch out for 4-6 seconds while the video loads… :-)

Note: This tech stock is pulling back with the overall market today (buying opportunity in my opinion!), it will likely be alerted tomorrow or early next week. I expect up to a 50% to 100% move on this stock in the coming weeks due to:

  1. Low-ball analyst expectations for earnings (although the company is poised blow out those expectations to the upside)
  2. This is a “seasonal” stock that often runs during the 4th quarter of the year…and we just started 4Q 2013!
  3. The chart is set up perfectly for big move, with clear support and areas of resistance that may be easily be broken to the upside.
  4. Recent news about this company being hired to provide their technology into new versions of Samsung tablets. (this helps build earnings momentum)
  5. Money managers may look to build large positions in this stock, we will be able to get in before they finish buying all the shares they want and ride the stock up while they buy!

Click the “Order Now” button to take this trade with me, I believe we’ll be smiling a month from now as a result of this stock pick…don’t miss out…this stock could bring you some “new car money”!

Exclusive Offer: Get “The Penny Pump Finder” Strategy As a FREE Bonus If You Join MM From the “Order Now” Button On This Page!

penny stock chart


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A Case Study Of Stock That Moved Over 1,000% In 6 Weeks

Let’s turn back the clock...and look at one specific micro cap stock: ATRN

Sure it ended up as a total loss for people who held too long. Sure, some folks didn’t “get it” that this was just a trade…and not an investment. Aside from that, this stock was truly a life changer for some people. Specifically, to the tune of over one thousand percent gains. Still sound a little foggy? Ok how about this. Imagine you put $500 into ATRN back in early 2012 (not that long ago, right?). You then went on a ski trip that lasted…6 weeks (lol). Oh, and there was no internet, no cell phone signals….nothing. So you couldn’t check your trading account until the 6 weeks was up. Far fetched, yes, but play along will you?  :-|

I’ll discuss why it had such a monstrous move in a second. Let’s take a glance at the chart (you can’t pull it up on stockcharts dot com anymore because of the fact that this stock is now delisted):

We penny stock guys love us some charts don’t we? And this one is about as pretty as they come. The chart tells you this move was no fluke. An authentic move from about one cent to eleven cents, in just about six weeks on big buying volume. What’s that you’re saying? You wish you would have loaded up before the big move? Well….let’s talk….

I actually know someone that was up over 3,000% on this stock. Yep. See, ATRN went on to go up to the 30 cent range soon after the time period displayed in the chart above passed by. Full disclosure…I don’t know when this person sold. So…how did this person know to get in ATRN in early January?


Well…because I alerted it as a stock pick for members of my penny stock newsletter… [  trying not to puff up too much ;-)  ]

This subscriber (who is actually a nice lady) emailed me asking me what she should do after she learned her shares were up an astounding 3,000%. I recall emailing her and telling her she should consider selling at least half of her shares, if not all. Again….I don’t know what happened after that though. She never emailed me again. Maybe she bought her own ski resort? LOL.

About a year later I noticed her subscription was no longer active. So the question remains…where in the world is Ms. ATRN 3,000%?

Ok, back to business. Enough tootin’ my own horn, for sure. Since you’ve read this post (or at least skimmed down to here), maybe you want to know why I alerted ATRN? To be certain, I don’t have a hard copy of the news that triggered the move. Finding news from a year or more ago on a stock that doesn’t exist anymore is almost impossible. But I can tell you this: As I recall, the company announced that they had reached a deal for most of their convertible debentures to be retired. Make sense? No?

Convertible debentures are more commonly known as the instruments that bring on a crap load of dilution. Surely you’ve seen people on message boards belly-aching about dilution? It’s basically a bunch of shares that are sold on the open market, that drive the prices of shares of penny stocks down, down and down more. So you can see the rationale here, hopefully. Once dilution stops, a stock is relieved from much of the downward pressure that we see so many penny stocks under.

From this example, perhaps you can see why it’s worth paying for a penny stock newsletter, like mine? (watch out for the paid promoters, though, they’ll getcha!) If so, you can give it a go here for a small monthly investment that could turn out to be a big boon for your financial scenario.

NOTE: I am not in ANY WAY shape or form trying to tell you that all of my stock picks work out. Some of them will be losers…so don’t go throwing the wad of money under your mattress that you are saving for Armageddon into just one pick. Be smarter than that and divide your trading capital into portions. That way you can live to trade another day if a pick ends up being a loser.

Edit: I decided to post a little screenshot of the profit I made off of ATRN (yep, I traded it too)…it could have been more but it was still nice:
profitable penny stock picks proof